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The 7th Sphere: Book One: The Secret Of The Laughing Cobra: Chapter One: The Collector

An account of our second Spelljammer session, played quite a while ago, as a pdf here. In Finnish, again, sorry.

After surviving the pirate attack last time, our merry crew arrived back in their home port on the asteroid city of the Rock of Bral. The space town is detailed in the TSR source book by the same name.

In short, it's a busy space port on an asteroid. It used to be a pirate haven, but now the town is a hub of interstellar commerce and diplomacy, ruled by a monarchic prince who maintains a balance of power between nobles, merchant companies, foreign powers and organized crime.

My main inspiration for how the Rock of Bral should feel came from Ankh-Morpork of Terry Pratchett's Discworld novels. But also Point Central of Mézières' and Christin's Valerian comics and probably dozens of other, subconscious sources.

Now back in the dock, running low on cash, the spacefarers' learn that ship repairs are extremely expensive. They do a bit of information gathering and haggling, find lodgings at the ship's previous owner's, the father of one of the character's, new inn and receive a business proposition. The proposition comes from a mage, a mini-dragon breeder and an art collector fond of titles, who had invested in the character's ship in return for a collection of objets d'art, now sadly lost in the pirate attack. The mage offers to waive their debt and pay for the ship's repairs, in exchange for a portrait of a pirate captain by a famous artist, recently acquired by a competing art collector.

I really hadn't anticipated how much gaming time it would take for these things to happen. The plot hardly moved at all. But I hope that I managed to create a mood that people enjoyed, because RPGs are definitely about the journey, not about getting there.

The mini of the post, the art collector Quinten Galashiel, Magus Magnus Tertius Ex Universitas Selüniensis, a captain of the Fireball Alliance, Grand Master of the Order of the Cup of Bral:

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