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The 7th Sphere: Book One: The Secret Of The Laughing Cobra: Chapter Two: The Baroness

Full Finnish text of this AD&D 2e Spelljammer session here.

After making a deal with an art collecting wizard to procure the portrait of the pirate captain Gabarra, our heroes set out to the painting's new owner's mansion on a tiny asteroid near the asteroid city of the Rock of Bral.

There they found the baroness Marfont-Drabek living in an odd tower on a small rock with an orchard, accompanied by a family of gnomes.

Most of the session was spent by the players coming up with plans to steal, rob or cheat the painting for themselves using forgeries or illusionary buyers until finally deciding on walking in and starting to haggle. The negotiations were rocky until, following Chandler's Law, a band of cutthroats-for-hire, who had been shadowing the heroes earlier, boarded the tower.

The game concluded in a short swordfight, in which the players' ship's mate, a gliding ape or a hadozee, almost singlehandedly annihilated the attackers and caught a glimpse of their mysterious, black clad  leader, as the rest of the brigands made their getaway.

The baroness was still not willing to sell the portrait, but the PC's valiant defense of her tower made her ask for their assistance in researching the portrait's background and any secrets it might hold.

The minis of this post: Baroness Jeannette Marfont-Drabek (from Foundry), holding a magic wand, accompanied by her faithful servant, the gnome fighter Jorziver Nesmor (from Reaper):

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