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Bral Noir: A Sonata For A Violin And A Murder

I fell of the Blogosphere for some time, but I'm still here! Bloggin' about a game we played a couple of months ago..

Once again, not everyone from the gaming group could make it, so we played a one night story instead.

Inspired by reading a comic book of the early days of The Beatles by Mauri Kunnas, Terry Pratchett's Soul Music, as well as the (then) recent passing of the great artists David Bowie and the Artist formerly known as Prince, this time it was about rock'n roll. With a healthy dose of political intrigue and murder! Set in a world of wizards and warriors in space!

I offered my 5 players a choice of 6 pre-rolled characters. 4 human bards (a music group representing a radical new style, making their breakthrough), a dwarf fighter-thief (the manager), and a human fighter (the roadie).

The story involved the band waking up in an inn on the morning after a gig only to discover one of them (the character nobody picked) murdered and the local police force hot on their trail with unpleasant questions.

Some of them tried to fight the law (the law won). The rest followed the clues on the murder scene, that suggested that their murdered friend had come chanced across some evidence dangerous to the current regime. Eventually, after a rooftop escape, they found sanctuary with the family of the city's former ruler, presumed murdered by the current prince.

It was a fun game! The best part, at least for me, was just sitting back and listening to the players having fun and acting out clichéd rock star mannerisms. They even came up with full lyrics for a song about their predicament!

The full story can be read here. Sadly, it's incomprehensible gibberish to most people. Not only is it in Finnish, but it's in thick and slightly archaic and very anachronistic Helsinki slang.. What can I say? I loved the language of The Catcher in the Rye. Note: The horizontal line on page four marks the transition from intro to actual gameplay.

Anyhow, some paint jobs related. Below are pictured two examples of the guard of the Rock of Bral. Brave men and women who put their lives on the line on a daily basis to keep the citizens safe from pirates, gangsters, adventurers and popular musics.

The minis are from Wargames Foundry. The fancier sergeant is from their Elizabethan Seadogs and Swashbuclers collection, and the constable from their conquistadors collection named El Dorado Adventurers.

And a close-up of the sergeant's shield. Featured are the arms of the Prince's family, the Crown and Crossed Sabers on the right (top) and the ever-vigilant Owl of the Middle City Watch on the left (bottom).

I promise the next post will be sooner in coming than this one!

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