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The Underwater Ally

Still doing some (Caribbean) pirate stuff occasionally!

En route to hunt the fabulous treasure of The Great Bonanza, the pirate captain João made a stop at Boca da Pousada, the home town of Aleixo Zadok, one of the crewmembers.

Boca da Pousada was made particular by it's close ties to another town located just a few miles off the coast. And what is particular about the other town is, that where stands, there are no islands. But that hasn't stopped the two communities from trading and intermarrying, leading to the prosperity of Boca da Pousada, as well as it's citizens, among other peculiarities, having very sharp teeth, an appetite for raw meat and rarely bothering to blink. And the only reported downside has been a few cases of fratricide in utero.

In Boca da Pousada, captain João was joined in the treasure hunt by seaman Zadok's cousin, captain Carlinhos Dagon do Tubarão-Y'ha-nthlei da Vanda. Referred to, in dread by seafarers, as "The Devil of the Depths", "Jaws" or simply as "That Fish Called Vanda".

Pictured below is captain Carlinhos da Vanda, with his pet mollusk "Fofo" on his shoulder.


Any similarities to the any writings by a certain Mr. Lovecraft are more than coincidental.

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